Nature After Minerals (NAM) is a partnership programme, led by the RSPB and supported by Natural England, the Mineral Products Association and the British Aggregates Association.

Our background

The programme came about as a result of a report produced by the RSPB in 2006, which highlighted the great opportunity for biodiversity gain through minerals restoration.

"Minerals sites have the potential to enhance biodiversity and to provide a public benefit at the end of their working lives through restoration."

RSPB Officer talking to workmen - by Ben Hall (

NAM looks to promote the strategic opportunities for delivering biodiversity through high quality habitat creation on mineral sites. The programme works with mineral planners, industry, statutory bodies, conservation organisations and local communities, to make substantial contributions to priority habitat creation and boost priority species populations, while providing richer places for people to enjoy.

The partnership has three main aims:

  • To advise on the delivery of priority habitat and enhance endangered species populations on mineral sites
  • To work with conservation, local authority and industry interests to achieve a strategic approach to restoration of priority habitats at a landscape scale
  • To raise awareness of the benefits that high-quality restoration on mineral sites can offer people and wildlife