Find out more about a landscape-scale projects Nature After Minerals helped convene and coordinate.

Trent and Thame Futurescape

NAM helped convene and coordinate a landscape-scale project to maximise biodiversity gain from a number of quarrying sites along the valleys of the rivers Trent and Thame. In 2015 and 2016 there were six Mineral Local Plans (MLPs) covering the area – Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire and Warwickshire – all being reviewed over a similar timeframe.

This offered an opportunity to develop minerals planning policies that promoted the strategic, co-ordinated and landscape-scale approach consistently across county boundaries. This, in turn, helped to establish a coherent and resilient network of wetlands across the whole of the Trent and Tame River Valleys.

OxCam Arc

To close a "missing link" in the strategic road network, the Government has proposed a new major road – an Expressway – to reduce journey times between Oxford and Cambridge and to enable development of up to a million new homes across the corridor.

This huge scale of development, in an already crowded part of England, will require careful planning so as to achieve a net gain for wildlife whilst delivering such a huge infrastructure project. The project will also require a huge amounts of aggregates to deliver the roads, homes, schools and offices that this increased population will require. Extracting minerals from the best locations, and delivering excellent and joined-up restorations will play a huge part in the project leaving a positive legacy for wildlife.

Landscape scale advisory sheets

Trent and Tame River Valleys

How Minerals Local Plans can help give nature a home on a landscape scale in the Trent and Tame River Valleys. The Trent and Tame River Valleys will once again be one of Britain’s greatest wetlands, providing a wetland artery for wildlife, flowing from source to sea in an attractive, multi- functional and inspiring landscape loved and valued by all.

Newark to South Clifton Concept Plan

The Trent and Tame River Valleys will once again be one of the great British wetlands, providing a wetland artery for wildlife in an attractive, multi-functional and inspiring landscape loved and valued by all. The Trent Valley, between Newark and South Clifton, will be the “crown jewel” of this wetland landscape.

Landscape scale conservation

Over the past decade, there has been an increasing push from the environmental sector for a stepwise change in how we conserve our natural environment, moving from site-specific silo-thinking to a larger-scale, multi-site, multi-partnered approach.