These Case Study pages showcase examples of good practice in minerals restoration which is benefiting the natural environment and people.

Weatherhill Quarry

Weatherhill Quarry is a 116h silica sand quarry situated within the North Pennines SAC / SPA. Following the cessation of extraction works, the operator is obliged to submit a reclamation scheme for the site. Given the sensitive location of the site, Nature After Minerals was asked to provide advice for a restoration scheme that maximises biodiversity, while also extending the internationally-important habitats in the surrounding designated land.


Plenmeller is an opencast coal site near Haltwhistle and approximately 40 km west of Newcastle. The site is in an area noted for its important upland plant communities.

Bryants Lane Quarry

Lowland heathland is a priority habitat for biodiversity in Europe. Working with the RSPB, Nature After Minerals encouraged the operator at Bryants Lane quarry to explore opportunities for heathland creation through the planning application process.